Coaches and Volunteers

Coaches and Volunteers

Workshop Coaches
The coach serves as a role model, critic and mentor for his or her students as they develop their projects. With the help of their coach/mentor, who is an accomplished professional, students choose an individual project. This relationship becomes one of the most important rewards for the time and energy a student puts into the program.

ACT-SO prides itself as being an all volunteer program. Our volunteers play a critical role in ACT-SO as they assist in a wide range of various tasks during the year.  None of the successes and achievements would have been possible without their continued support week after week and the unbounding generosity of their time and energies. During the interaction between volunteer and student, the latter begins to develop the confidence and professionalism that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  If we believe that the youth are our future, then what better way to insure that the future is full of promise than to invest our time in today’s youth. A very special thank you to our volunteers who return year after year to serve as judges, coaches/mentors, site coordinators, chaperons and a host of other activities.

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