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Be the best you can be!
Join With Other Harrisburg High School Students In ACT-SO!

Compete in: Science, Poetry, Playwriting, Painting,
Music Vocal, Essay Writing, Dramatics, Dance
Business/Entrepreneurship and lots more.
If you think so . . . Then ACT-SO !

Eligibility Rules & General Requirements

  (Note: student application & other forms at the bottom of page)

Each contestant must:

1. be of African-American or Latino/Hispanic descent.
2. be a high school student enrolled in grades 9 through 12.
3. be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.
4. be an individual who has demonstrated a genuine interest in one of the 26 categories.
5. submit a separate project, one contestant per category per city (a contestant may enter up to three (3) categories of competition.
6. be of amateur status–never having never having performed as a professional in any categories of competition.
7. conform to the guideline requirements as dictated by the category(s) chosen.
8. submit to his/her local NAACP chapter
a. a final application.
b. a 1 to 2 page, typed biography (double-spaced).
9. for National contestants, submit to his/her local NAACP ACT-SO sponsor:

1. a completed project.
2. a national application.
3. a one to two page, typed [double-spaced] biography.
4. a completed parental consent form.
5. a medical release form signed by a parent.
6. a small, clear photo.
7. Media release.

Competition Categories        
Students who compete in the local and national ACT-SO competition can compete in up to three (3) of the following categories:
Sciences Performing Arts
Biology/Microbiology Dance
Chemistry/Biochemistry Dramatics
Computer Science Music Instrumental Classical
Earth and Space Sciences Music Instrumental Contemporary
Engineering Music Vocal Classical
Mathematics Music Vocal Contemporary
Medicine and Health Oratory
Humanities Visual Arts
Music Composition Architecture
Original Essay Drawing
Playwriting Filmmaking
Poetry Painting

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