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Be the best you can be!
Join With Other Greater Harrisburg Area High School Students In ACT-SO!

Compete in: Science, Poetry, Playwriting, Painting,
Music Vocal, Essay Writing, Dramatics, Dance
Business/Entrepreneurship and lots more.
If you think so . . . Then ACT-SO !

Eligibility Rules & General Requirements

  (Note: student application & other forms at the bottom of page)

Each contestant must:

1. be of African-American or Latino/Hispanic descent.
2. be a high school student enrolled in grades 9 through 12.
3. be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.
4. be an individual who has demonstrated a genuine interest in one of the 26 categories.
5. submit a separate project, one contestant per category per city (a contestant may enter up to three (3) categories of competition.
6. be of amateur status–never having never having performed as a professional in any categories of competition.
7. conform to the guideline requirements as dictated by the category(s) chosen.
8. submit to his/her local NAACP chapter
a. a final application.
b. a 1 to 2 page, typed biography (double-spaced).
9. for National contestants, submit to his/her local NAACP ACT-SO sponsor:

1. a completed project.
2. a national application.
3. a one to two page, typed [double-spaced] biography.
4. a completed parental consent form.
5. a medical release form signed by a parent.
6. a small, clear photo.
7. Media release.








Architecture Music Composition Dance: Ballet Drawing Entrepreneurship Culinary Arts
Biology/Microbiology Original Essay Dance: Contemporary Filmmaking
Chemistry/Biochemistry Playwriting Dance: Modern Painting
Computer Science Poetry—Written Dance: Traditional Photography
Earth and Space Sciences Short Story Dramatics Sculpture
Engineering Music: Instrumental—Classical
Mathematics Music: Instrumental—Contemporary
Medicine and Health Music: Vocal—Classical
Physics Music: Vocal—Contemporary

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